On the legal value of the degree qualification

Do online degrees have the same value as those obtained at traditional universities?

Do you like easy graduation? In Italy we have 11 online universities with over 140,000 more students enrolled in the ten years since their appearance. In the end, the title has the same legal value as a degree obtained by attending a “real” university. I was wondering if online study courses also had the obligation to apply the quality assurance model defined by the SEA system (Self-evaluation – Evaluation – Accreditation) which aims to monitor the quality of teaching and research carried out in universities to obtain some sort of accreditation from the ministry. Because, if this were the case, I would like to know the result of this self-evaluation and whether the students who enroll in these study courses were aware of the differences, starting from the quality of the teachers. Always assuming that it is important for them to be better prepared rather than being called “doctors”. After that, let’s see what the response is in the world of work. Do companies have preferences?

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